How To Create A Salami Bouquet

This is a very easy DIY tutorial that'll spice up your next gal's night or anniversary with your boo! These salami roses can also be used for a perfect little snack that you can show on display in a bouquet of flowers or serve by themselves. For my bouquet below, I decided to display my salami roses in a mason jar with pink spray roses and kale for the “leaves.”

The Shopping List

Here is what we used to create out bouquet:

  • 3 packs of Calabrese Salami - $2.99 per pack from Trader Joe’s

  • Pink spray roses - $4.99 from Trader Joe’s

  • 8 lacinato/tuscan kale leaves - I got mine from a food share, but you can find them at the store for about $4

  • Toothpicks

  • 32 oz. mason jar

  • Wooden skewers

How to make the Salami Bouquet

The easiest way to make your bouquet is to follow this video tutorial but there are some written steps below.

Step 1 - Prep the Salami

I used disposable gloves to prep the salami because I didn't want any of the grease to get on my hands, but this is optional if you don't want to purchase gloves. Next, separate each piece of salami from the pack (they come pressed together) and put it in a small bowl.

Step 2 - Make the Center of the Rose

Grab one piece of salami, fold it in half and roll it into a little cone shape. Make sure you roll up the salami nice and tight so it won’t lose its form. One side of your cone should be flat (which is the bottom) and the other should have more definition (which is the center).

Step 3 - Make the Rose Petals

Hold the center of the rose in your left hand, then grab a new piece of salami from the bowl with your right hand and and fold it in half. Wrap the halved salami slice (right hand) over the opening flap from the center of the rose piece (left hand) and continue to hold the flower in your left hand.

Repeat this process with about 6-7 more pieces of salami. Each salami slice that you're adding to the center of the rose is a “petal.”

Step 4 - Secure & Repeat

Once you get your desired shape and size, stick a toothpick in the middle of the salami flower to make sure the “petals” are held together. Now repeat steps 2-3 until you get the desired # of salami roses for your bouquet. 3 packs of salami will yield about 12 roses.

Step 5 - Arrange

Take your wooden skewer and compare the height of that to the mason jar. If the skewer is too high, you may need to cut the bottom of your skewer so the salami roses are not sticking out too high.

Once you have your desired height, stick the skewer through the bottom of the flower. The skewer will act like the stem of the rose. Make sure not to stick the skewer all the way through the rose, or else you will see the tip of the skewer pointing out on top.

Finish by adding multiple colors of flowers, skewers of cheese, different kinds of greenery, etc. For my salami bouquet, I added some pink spray roses and Tuscan kale leaves. I put the kale leaves in first, so the leaves can hang down to the sides of the jar. When arranging the flowers and salami, make sure there are no empty spaces. You may need to add more roses or make more salami roses if your mason jar looks too empty, or simply downsize to a smaller mason jar.

Can you tell which flowers are real and which ones are salami?